Adding a person to your Kbis

(Teresa Ewart) #1

i’ve heard i can (should) “add” my husbands name to my kbis, and further to my carte ambulataire (i’m a market trader)
he works for me for free - in that he helps me set up the stand. i’d like it if he could go and start setting up earlier than me, on his own. at the moment in theory he doesn’t have the paperwork to do so - as it’s not his business… i’m an AE. it’s all very slack, but we’re coming into silly season and the dreaded controls may be about!
i’m trying to think of the easiest way to tackle it (??!!) Infogreffe? CCI?
thanks loves x


(Julie Dyckhoff ) #2

This link might help:


(Teresa Ewart) #3

Julies Jules, thank you so much. Yep that’s it alright. Though why they’d put exclamation marks in the first sentence god only knows… it’s the most self-righteous, complicated & unfair piece of legislation they’ve come up with so far… Could they makes it more complicated, expensive and therefore off-putting? Nope.

The mystery of why so many people don’t declare remains unsolved for now at least.

But other than that THANKS SO MUCH… x teresa

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