Adding an image to an article on the network

(Craig McGinty) #1

IF you are looking to illustrate your blog post on the network with a photograph or image then here is how you go about doing it.

First you need a photo and if you can edit it in advance that will help, the best format is .jpg and the best size is approximately 600 pixels wide if a landscape image and around 400 pixels deep if a portrait.

If your image is going to be used just to illustrate your piece then around 150 to 200 pixels wide will be best.

So once you have prepared your photo and saved it to your computer, click on the small photograph image in the tool bar just beneath your story's title.

You have a couple of options available to you so here goes:
1. Presuming you are using a large photograph click on the options arrow in the pop up window.

2. Here you can place the image to the left or right of the page so the text wraps around it, I prefer right.

3. If you have got a large image you nay want to create a thumbnail that readers can click on to see the bigger picture, tick the box so you have this option and set the size to around 200 pixels wide.

4. Final step is to tick the box to create a pop up window, this means that when people click on the thumbnail image your full size pic appears in a new page, with the article also available so that people can read your piece and see the image.

5. Just click Add.

Just wait a moment while the image is uploaded to the site, and once it is finished all the code to align the photo, produce a thumbnail and pop up the full size image will have been done for you.

Naturally you will want to write a few words about the pic and once happy with what you've written just publish your article.

Any questions just leave a comment below.