Additional Phone Socket

Hello All,

I just moved to a new apartment and have mounted my TV on the wall. The existing phone socket is on the opposite wall than my TV !!

Has anyone managed to get a additional socket installed with help of Orange or any other company ? I use SFR at present.

Would appreciate any advise.

Thanks Bhargav

just found something on pinterest .. could be the solution with long cable..

No worries Brian !! understand when you say companies Helping !! i just wanted to avoid the long cable showing along side the walls.

I would surely post here if i find any 21st century solution ;-)

Hahahaha! Sorry, not laughing at you Bhargav, just the thought of any of the companies actually HELPING somebody! There are nice long extension cables. They will recommend you buy one. They did that to us five years ago when we asked to have our line reinstalled, it comes in to the bathroom, just think about the effects of steam and damp on the connectors (I sealed them although they said I am not allowed to). We have an extension cable out of the bathroom, along a corridor to where we have the phone and Livebox. We are used to it but it was not what we have ever wanted.

Sorry to be disparaging. but I thought I would have my little laugh before others get in for a giggle.

Best of luck with your endeavours anyway and should you succeed make sure you post it so that we can congratulate you!