Adobe is Dead Long Live Open Source


Inkscape, this will start the ball rolling, it's a fast, constantly evolving Vector drawing application, that along with all the other Open Source Apps, will force Adobe into diversification, if not liquidation.

Why? because it is continuously being developed by a world full of designers, programmers, and media specialists, who all share a common ethos. That is to create cross platform tools for all to enjoy for FREE.

The traditional 'paid for' global software houses, who are answerable to shareholders, will become defunct. Be it web, be it film, be it music, be it digita,l open Source is the way forward.

I would like to open the debate, with Inkscape, no link just Google it.

There's always one!

Ok, sorry, just trying to get a bit of a debate going here! I'll get me coat.

Well,I jolly well take issue with that, who do you think you are you cheeky little upstart! Adobe is a fine institution, that employs many people who pay taxes which stimulate the Global economy, plus they give Millions to charity, and are heavily involved in many education programmes.

PLUS their profits ARE being eroded by Pirates and Torrent downloaders, think again, you know it all smart bottom!