Adopt Rameses - urgently seeking new home after sudden death of owner

Last night a friend of ours suddenly died leaving behind her adorable 14 year old cat Rameses. I am over run with 13 cats and a dog so cannot take him in, but I have promised my friend's family that I will try my best to find him a new loving home

Photo to be posted shortly but in brief he is an indoor castrated male who likes nothing more than his Felix sachets and a good curl up on a comfy cushion

He is elderly but in very good health

If you are willing to adopt please let me know; if not we would greatly appreciate it if you could pass this message around.

We are not sure how much time we have before my friend's flat has to be handed back to the landlord, as this bad news has only just reached our ears

Please help - it would be such a shame to have to put Rameses down as he is a lovely little fellow and deserves a chance

Rameses currently lives in Soreze, Tarn (81 but on border of Haute Garonne 31) but I'm sure we can arrange transport if he moves to another area

Thank you

Panic over. Rameses has a new home where he will be well looked after and cuddled frequently!