Adorable, medium-sized family dog needs a new home

Playful and gentle, very cute and good-looking, smooth short-haired, doesn't moult much at all, black and tan. Domed forehead, huge amber eyes and short floppy ears. Looks like a Beagle crossed with a German Shepherd. Weight 25kg. Castrated, vaccinated with pet passport (valid to 13 April 2013) and micro-chipped (250 269 201 037 488).

He's healthy, intelligent and responds well to consistent commands and easily learns new ones. Very good in the house and can be left without problem. He enjoys rides in the car, is good with all humans, excellent with other dogs and children love him and he them.

I'm moving abroad where dogs are not tolerated and I will not be able to keep him safe, even in our own garden. He merits better than such a horrible end so, with regret and some urgency I hope to find him a family who will love him as he deserves and where he will thrive.

We are midway between Saintes and Royan in Charente-Maritime, not far from the N150 main road linking the two towns, easy to find.

Update on Elmo. I've had no reply from NALA, the animal rescue association who originally placed him with me. I ddn't expect one as like most they have their hands full with desperate cases. However, I have had an offer, which I've accepted, from a couple willing to foster him. He is, of course, still available for permanent adoption and anyone wanting a superb fun and gentle family dog who loves other dogs and children and with a securely-fenced garden and who can walk him away from livestock (otherwise on the lead) can contact me at any time via this site.

I really can't stress enough how much fun and pleasure he would give to an individual, a couple or a family who can give him the safety that I cannot once I've moved to southern Spain. He's got his lovely, warm chin on my knee now as I type :-) ............

Good idea, Lynn, I'll contact them.

Hi Susan,

Truly hope you find someone for him, have you tried contacting NALA for help, they may have a larger network and can spread the word!

I'm posting again to bump Elmo up! Yes, he has an excellent home with me but it's important that I find a good home for him before the end of October when I'll be moving near a pueblo in Andalucia where the local shepherds have had dreadful problems with stray and escaped dogs (usually from ex-pat British) and that is why they are routinely poisoned.

I don’t actually want to give him away, just doing what I can to find a family who can care for him, love him and keep him safe. If no takers, he’ll be coming with me and I’ll do all I can to protect him. It won’t be much of a life for him. I’m moving to be with my partner and know many people there with dogs and have been horrified to hear how many they have lost. I know that Elmo will be in serious danger there. So, if you’re thinking about getting a friendly, family dog, then contact me. His welfare is paramount, so I’ll need to satisfy myself that you can give him a good home and that he will be appropriate for you. If he is rehomed and it doesn’t work out, for whatever reason and whenever that may be, I’ll take him back.

He spent his first 17 months of life attached to a chain without company of any kind. Never walked, never even spoken to. I guess his owner wanted him to become a mean guard dog. But that is just not in his nature. So his owner abandoned him and denied that he was his dog, the neighbours said otherwise! After 15 days in the Fourrière he was taken to the vet to be put to sleep. The vet refused to do this to a young dog in good health and very well-balanced and friendly, despite the deprivations of his early life. The vet knew who he belonged to, as the owner had taken him to the vet for his vaccinations but the owner denied it was his dog. In desperation, the vet called NALA, an animal rescue association in the Vendée. They immediately placed the dog with me.
Despite never having been in a house before, he was clean from the start. OK, he chewed everything - books, DVDs (très croquants!), rubber gloves, etc:, but now is older, calmer and good as gold and can be left in the house for hours without any damage whatsoever. He walks to heel, sits on command and takes titbits very gently. Visiting children, and my dog-sitters' grandson, love him and he has a special relationship with children. I couldn't afford many dog-training sessions but the dog trainer said he would be excellent for agility - he certainly seemed to take to it. Any takers for the cute, affectionate, intelligent (loves TV), playful and (generally) obedient Elmo?
For his future life and well-being, I certainly hope so!

Hello again, Lynn. He's not used to cats and wants to chase any that we may see on our walks. So, I think it best if potential adopters don't have cats.

Just one thing Susan, do you know how he is with cats? Normally a cuddly bear like him has no problem but if you have any knowledge it may help potential adoptants to a decision.

Again, best wishes