Adverse weather conditions

Still bright, dry, occasional sunshine here in the Aveyron (west) but the autan's started blowing again and'll bring us the rain from the SE later!

Solid gray sky and raining now

A mix of sun and swirling fog near Bergerac in the Dordogne as seen in this high speed film I made this morning:

Hi...we had heavy rain yesterday afternoon (24)...and it was quite cold...wonderful excuse to stop planting Spring bulbs...and watch a good DVD ...The Count of Monte Christo...with Gerard Depardu...magic!!

Rain in the night...foggy this morning but sunny now...I just love all these changes in the my old friend used to say..."It's better than nothing." (Think about it :-) )

Here in Le Centre a combination of cloudy sunshine and showers . Last night was quite a bit of the latter so we had this...

… like something out of a film noir.

In the shadows ... a man in a trench coat,fedora... smoking... watching...

( it is not the first time our idiot neighbour has locked himself out )

Lovely and sunny here in SW Paris (78) after a very heavy night of rain. I think I spy black clouds on the horizon though! Boo! Was getting used to this lovely, mild weather and trying to convince myself that the summer isn't really over yet.


Had 2 nights of high winds power cuts and heavy rain. I'm near Pau (64).

Will be putting garden stuff away in barn later and waiting for a repeat performance tonight and tomorrow it seems...

So glad we picked a house at the botton of a hill near a stream......

overcast & cold today

Bit overcast at the moment, but looking at the mountains I would say the rain is imminent. Suppose we can't complain, long overdue. Hope it isn't as bad as forecast though. I guess gardening is out of the question this wknd.

sunny here in Paris after a rainy night. more rain forecast later though it's hard to beleive it looking a the blue skies. hope everybody gets through the weekend with minimal or better yet no damage :)

Don't forget in addition to the France Meteo website, there is also

Anyone in Montagnac/Pézenas, I've got a tiny little house in the old centre of Montagnac, just wonder how things are? Also got a small "voilier" near marseillan, but checked the mooring last weekend - hope it's still there after all this!!!

Best wishes to everyone who is in a Vigilance Rouge area. IN this part of Aude (11) we had a brief storm last night, couple of flashes of lightning, a rumble of thunder and a severe gust of wind. Light rain. All over in about 20 minutes! Nevertheless, all valuables on first floor as we are beside a river whose level rose by 4.9 metres in 2006. Good luck everyone.

Montpellier - we've had torrential rain and high winds. It's calm right now but due to rev up again this afternoon. The school bus service has been cancelled but the schools are open.

Same as Ian G (we live about 15km away...).

A few days of warm but very windy weather, culminating in the passage of a cold front yesterday evening with a period of heavy, squally rain, and continuous lightning up to around 0:00 this morning.

Quieter this morning, dry, mild and bright, with 60% sky covering of medium level cloud.

Chris, Correze (19)

Toulon 83 heavy rain and strong winds garden flooded and I’m not going out and to top that my bloody sky tv keeps breaking up grrrrrr

Cold, damp and miserable, but no wind or rain - yet - here in the Vendee (85)

Some wet and lots of wind yesterday here - between Saumur and Poitiers. Today (at the moment) is much calmer and brighter!! Fingers crossed it will stay that way!!

Dry and now even sunny in the Aveyron... but for how long?