Advice, hints & tips - salon for sale in the UK

I am looking for advice on behalf of a friend who has a successful beauty salon that she wishes to put up for sale in the UK.

Neither of us are sure about how to go about it which is why I am posting on here in case anyone had any advice.

The salon will be sold with the following criteria:

Stock to be sold with the business
Employee to keep job with the new owners
Furnishings included
Client list included

CACI facials machine worth 15K

Ad hoc therapists work from the salon and pay room rent either per hour or per day.

The salon also has it's own highly professional website, (maintained by a marketing company).

There are 4 years remaining on the renewable lease and a basement room that can be converted into another treatment room. Permission has already been obtained from the landlord.

The salon has 2 treatment rooms and 2 nail bars.

I know that we can place an ad on the Beauty Guild website but wondered if there was anything else that needed to be considered or anywhere else that we could advertise.

Many thanks in advance for your help :)