Advice needed on changing names on title deeds

Hi All

I am very new to SFN and have read some great advice, and was wondering if any of you could possibly help me??

I have 2 parcels of land , 1 which I own jointly with my ex partner and one piece with my ex and a friend.

My ex is now saying that he can just have my name taken off the title and he is buying out our friend.

Is this true?? Can you just have someones name removed without their consent??

I was under the impression that it would have to go through like any other sale and all parties be in agreement.

Do you think that it is worth me contacting the local notaires to inform them of his intention??

thanks in advance for any replies :)

thank you very much guys, that is a bit of reassurance I need!

I shall contact the notaires that we bought the land through and perhaps inform them of his intensions

thanks again :) x

ditto Nick and James, you need to be at the notaires and sign or sign a procuration to have your name taken off the title, it can't just be taken off by a third party without your say so! Best touch base with your notaire ;-)

As far as I am aware, the transfer or removal of title will effectively be the same transaction as if you were selling the land to someone else and will entail the usual searches/conveyancing etc. I will happily stand corrected though! I would ask your local Notaire, he/she should be able to advise you without charge.

No, the person can not remove your right to your property. You do not need to incur notary fees.