Advice needed on declaration of french income in uk


I would like some advice. I am currently still living in the UK and have an income in France from properties on which I pay french expat taxe of 20% plus the social taxes. When doing my UK declaration I have to tell them about the French income but my accountant think that I am not allowed to reclaim the social taxes. As I am a 40% tax payer in the UK, it work out that in fact I am nearly paying 58% on my French income.

If anyone could give me some advice I would appreciate. Thank you in advance

I believe that it has been declared illegal for the French Government to levy social taxes on people who are paying the same in another country. So, if you are paying National Insurance in the UK they should not be charging you. This is still fairly new and I believe that, as usual, it might depend upon which tax office in France you deal with.

These charges were levied on non-French residents letting out their second homes, in France , but as it would seem that as you are now resident in UK, this should also apply to you if you are paying National Insurance.

I suggest that you look at the French Property News website and they will have an article on this in their newsletter.