Advice needed on pool pump system please

Hi all knowledgeable ones!

I'm looking for advice on either how to fix the issue myself or finding someone who can do for me or getting through to the right people.

Here is the issue:

When the pump is on, the system seems to work fine. Other than the fact (unsure if that's related or not...) that when the pool pump is on the electricity consumption of the house is suddenly 5 times higher...

However, I, for obvious reasons, do not let the pump running 24/7.

I have been advised that I have an air intake into my system somewhere, which leads to the pump not kicking in again when timed to do so, the brome "delivery box" empties itself and when the pump is supposed to be running again... it just doesn't or once ever now and again.

I then end up with a greenish pool with all the annoying little consequences.

When the gentleman who told me said I have an air intake in the pumping system he seemed to say that it can't easily be fixed.

Does anyone know? Do I have to change the entire system? if so, any guidance on potential cost might be helpful :).

I am located just south of La Rochelle (17)

Thank you all for your kind help