Advice needed

Over the last two years I have mentioned our 'developer' fairly often. He is an ever present irritation. Recently he has been back and forth regularly and getting all the more arrogant. He just said 'Hello' a few minutes ago and before he could talk I said he ought to talk to the OH. All deeds and so on are in her name, our difference of ages made that the obvious thing to do but irrelevant here. The point there is, he should talk to her. He just said, not for the first time, that he does not understand her because of her accent. I find that strange. This is somebody who lectured in UK universities until we came here, delivers conference papers and seminars in English and yes she has an accent, but so does her otherwise fluent French. The other way round might be more likely because he is a broad Yorkshire, eat oop yoor ferrets and beat the whippets oop variety who probably 90% of the English speaking world do not comprehend.

Yes, the saga is going to run and run for sure. We would like to get it done and dusted. He has made and broken promises for five years and now he is beginning to move toward somewhere between bribery and threats. I just said hello to the man doing the new build on the land he sold whilst walking the dogs earlier. He said that for the right price he would give the chimney stack a tap with the bucket next time he has a digger, jokingly though. I am very pleased his family knocked down the price for the site considerably but otherwise, jokes aside, do not expect support from them. Big burly 'law enforcers' are not a good idea but I entirely see what you mean. We just want it dealt with and finished.

Blimey Brian! That was some story. I always found that when reasonable dialogue failed to impress an intransigent person, parallel discussions by some burly blokes normally did the trick. I'm not of course advocating any form of violence you understand, it's just that my burly "legal advisors" always seemed to have more persuasive arguments than I apparently could muster ;-) Good luck with this one, it seems like it could run & run & if you have to resort to the law it will never be resolved in any one lifetime.