Advice on building a swimming pool

I am sending this requests for my parents who would begrateful for any personal recomendations both good and bad.

We are in the Gers (32), but very close to 47. We wish to demolish two old wooden outbuildings and replace them with an indoor swimming pool. Does anyone know of, and can also recommend, a firm/company who can undertake the complete job. Preferable they can also speak English.

My only comments are to avoid the likes of Magiline, Desjoyaux and Waterair for starters. Their products are not very good but they charge similar to what a proper pool could cost. Avoid anything that uses a monoblock type filtration unit as again these are expensive to run and poor in performance.

It is well worth considering insulated walls and floor to drastically reduce the running costs for heating and of course making swimming more pleasurable. That would also include the use of a good cover to reduce evaporation heat loss. This is a concept almost unknown in France so you will get raised eyebrows if you inquire about it as the French are very slow to catch on.

Most pool designs are just copies of what the installers have done for years and they copied that from someone else. There are a few who have moved on and have a better idea of how a pool needs to operate, those are the ones you need to seek out.

Be careful of the poor adverts I read everywhere, which make the most stupid claims and usually show the company doesn't really know what it's talking about, That may surprise but I have been in amongst the pool companies and it's staggering that the 2nd largest pool market in the world can contain so many people who really don't understand, although in fairness that is often true elsewhere too.