Advice on Domestic Problem

Does anyone have any idea, or experience, what are the parental rights of one parent when it comes to a married couple separating and the other parent threatening to take the children back to the UK.
Can elaborate further if needs be.

Thanks in advance

If you are both resident here I believe you can get “l’interdiction de sortie de l’enfant du territoire français sans l’autorisation de ses (2) parents”. Particularly if the children are french born.

And perhaps something you need to seek now before it’s an issue, as without any constraints there is currently nothing to stop either parent taking child /children out of the country. Information here

It will be a matter discussed and agreed as part of the divorce process, with the children’s needs given priority.

But you need to get professional advice asap if you are concerned about the children.

In addition to Jane’s good advice and links…

I would suggest you speak with your Notaire without delay…

Or an avocat who specialises in family law.

Yes indeed… but it may be quicker to speak with a local Notaire… as whatever is to be done… presumably needs to be done quickly… or at least the first steps to ensure the child is not whisked away… :slight_smile:

Alas that article from the local is rubbish, it is advertorial for a novel and highly subjective rather than informative.

Yes the novel bit was rubbish, but hoped that the basic premise of get your act sorted was sound…obviously not!

Getting your act sorted is always a good idea. :wink: