Advice on new revenue stream

I would like some helpful advice from the good people on here. I have been working here for nearly 10 years as a Micro Enterprise doing the usual "Home & Garden Maintenance". Now that I am getting older and wanting to move away from the physical work a bit I have qualified to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). What is the best way to set up legally? I do not want to set up a new Enterprise as that will just incur cotisations when I have not earned anything. AE is out, thanks M. Hollande. Any advise from you guys? Thanks Mike

The majority of C de Commerce and Chambre de Metiers have never recommended that route since the AE came in, so nothing has changed.

Catharine, the comment above applies to you as well. thanks for your input it is appreciated.

Thanks Danny, I will look into that. Thanks for your response.

I know that AE is still going but I spoke with the Local Chamber of Commerce today and they were not recommending that route?? However, I will look into it further. thanks for taking the time to reply.

Yup - agree with Tracy - AE is perfect for teaching. Good luck!

AE is still in, not out. It may be changing in the future but the best thing to do is register now and run it alongside your existing business till it can support you, that's exactly what it was designed for.

Hi Michael.

Unfortunately I have no idea what the best legal set-up is for you, but thought I'd share that my wife taught tefl for a company called forma2plus. She was employed by them, so no legal shenanigans for herself, but she had the flexibility of being self-employed as all her lessons were given by telephone and she was in charge of her clients.

I only share this as she loved the job, found it rewarding, totally flexible and pretty lucrative too. Not even sure if they still exist (it was a few years ago) but it's what I'd do if I were to teach tefl in France.