Advice on schools for a 9 yr old

Hi All,

I wasn't sure whether to post this to a specific group or just a general discussion… and it might be a bit of a long shot anyway because it is quite a specific question….

Anyway, my family are looking to relocate to France next summer (2014) to somewhere within the Eymet/Lauzun/Issigeac/Duras area. Our son will be 9 by the time we make the move and we are starting to explore possible schools for him. We are happy for him to attend a French school but would like to find a school that (a) has some experience of dealing with English-speaking children and (b) approaches their integration in a supportive fashion. He's looking forward to the move, already has a few words of French and is keen to learn more before we make the transition so I'm sure he will adapt well - but a sympathetic environment in which to do that adaptation would be a very big plus.

Anyway, if anyone has any recommendations based upon personal knowledge and/or experience that might get us started in our search then would be gratefully received.

With thanks and best wishes,