Advice on truck hire

Hi -- my friends have to move back to the UK in mid June and need a 7.5 ton truck. Any advice on inexpensive self-drive rentals, either in France or UK? They don't want to pay mileage charges as the stuff will be going to Anglesey. Thanks

Thanks June -- will pass this on.


We recently moved back to the UK. We moved ourselves, We hired for a week and did two journeys, Toulouse to Shrewsbury!! It was avery tiring week for 2 of us!, we hired the large van. They were absolutely brilliant. They do not do 7.5 tonne vans , but all the information on the van sizes are on the site, one may be big enough!

The hire was about £700 for the week, with no mileage and all insurance etc was included, they also supplied a Sat Nav.

They have a depot in Wrexham too, so not TOO far away! ( in the scheme of things!)


Thanks, Brian.

We hired a 40m3 van to collect stuff from Switzerland for my wife. Because of where we were going it meant driving through the top of Italy. The company we hired from (I'd have to sift back through loads of stuff but think EuropCar) simply appeared to check to see we both had clean licences and that was that. I have a couple of extras on my UK licence because I did some airport taxi driving about 20 years ago and my wife had driven a taxi for a while as a student in Switzerland and has an extra category too, that seemed to be enough for them. Just go to one of the big car hire companies and ask.

Thanks Andrew. That's useful to know.

Pretty sure it'll be easier in the UK as a French permit B doesn't allow you to drive a 7.5 tonner they do exist here though, here's an example ;-)