Advice or experience - infiltration for herniated disc L4/5 & L5/S1

After various investigations the recommendation has been to have infiltration. I’ve delayed it twice, as something else was found during a renal ultrasound. For me this was more urgent to investigate. Thankfully it is not cancerous so infiltration re-scheduled.
Is there anyone that has experience of this? Google can be a scary so first hand experience would be helpful. I am having the treatment at Pôle Santé République in Clermont-Ferrand. Thankyou

I had L3/4 herniated disc about 4 years ago, when it calmed down I had a couple of infiltrations done by a specialist in Montlucon. In and out in 30 minutes. They helped and the hernia resolved itself. I still needed surgery though - laminectomy L3 and L4.

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James had it done and it fixed him completely. A friends husband has also just been done and is pain free for the first time in years. Good luck!

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A little bit “ouch” but worked wonders. And calmed it down enough that I have since managed to be pain free with just back strengthening exercises.

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Thank you Mark Catherine & Jane.

Good to know it has helped. Did any of you have epidural/ local as Im not sure about my coping with the pain. In uk I had treatment on my elbow and it was excruciating.
I recall how my Mum was and I’ve been pretty anxious, a lot of years ago but memories are hard to shake!

Hey Mark
what area are you - Montluçon is same distance to us as Clermont-Ferrand

About 20k south of Aubusson
Didn’t have any anaesthetic for the "infiltration ", not needed as no real pain from the needle, but I’ve got quite a high pain "threshold " apparently. Didn’t have when I did the disc though…:tired_face:

I know of Aubusson, when we visited there had a lovely meal & watched 2 ladies rug weaving, fascinating
I thought I did too until this took a bad turn at new year…no partying to blame! Initially from a car accident & kine with occasional pain management has kept it under control but its deteriorated now with constant pain, pins & needles down sciatic nerve line.