Advice please re parking arrangements

We are about to move to Poitiers in about 6 to 8 weeks time and our new home is in a narrow one-way street near the city centre. We will almost certainly have to arrange some sort of parking dispensation for our removal van and possibly arrange for no cars to park in it’s immediate vicinity for a few of hours. Can anyone advise us as to who we should be contacting to arrange this. ( presumably the local Hotel de Ville) and give any tips regarding notice periods required etc.

Any advice would be welcome.

Thank you.

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yes, contact the Mairie for local info/help…but also inform your neighbours of course, either a door-to-door info campaign or at least a polite note in their letter boxes. If people are pre-informed they are much more understanding. When we had finished the stressful day of moving in, our neighbour “saved my life” by offering me a cool beer

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You may also need to talk to the police and/or the DIR if this is a through road and it will affect more than the people living in the street. There will have to be road closed signs no doubt and advance warning. But the mairie will know what you have to do. As should your remover.

I would definitely ask the police for advice. It must be something that happens fairly frequently but closing some of the roads that passes through that part of Poitiers would not be an option as in many cases there are no alternative routes avaliable for a diversion. You might be told that the lorry will have to be parked out of that zone and your furniture transhipped using a smaller van. I know someone who worked for a removal company in the Charente and that was normal practise in many ‘medieval’ locations.

If you’re using a French removals company they will probably take care of this for you, they will know what to do. The commune/police will obviously need to agree exact times with the company and liaise with them on the day, would be easier for you if they can deal direct.

Many thanks to all of you for replying. We will contact the Marie and police and proceed from there. Anna’s point that the removal company should know is an interesting one. I would have thought that British companies who advertise French removals would also take care of this but the first one we have received a quote from (Bishops Move) make it clear that it is our responsibility. We are also getting quotes from Anglo French Removals, Britannia and Abel’s. We may have more luck with them. Any feedback about any of these or (or any other removal companies) would be very welcome.