Advice please - where can I buy this?

(John M Edwards) #1

I am not technical but found it described as a manual stater motor.

it’s a SFKOI CIR 4-6.3 part no. G865. I have looked quite hard in shops and on thee web. Thanks in advance.


(John Edwards) #2

To operate a pump David

(David GAY) #3

Could you let us in to the reason you wanted one?

(John Edwards) #4

Thanks Charles, in the end I found one locally!



(John Edwards) #5

Thanks Steve, in fact I found a variation of it that I have fitted ad was oaks fine?



(John Edwards) #6

Thanks David! In fact I found one locally at a most unexpected store.



(Charles Field) #7

A number of manufacturers make equivalent parts.

Here are a couple. GZ1E10 from Schneider.

(Steve YATES 2) #8

This looks similar

(David GAY) #9

Fogarty Electronics in Durban SA sell them whether they would ship to France is another matter.