Advice Please


I hope someone can offer me some advice. We are applying for a mortgage and the lender
has asked for certain documentation which I am struggling to provide viz.

1. Copies of my and my wife's Birth Certificates (easy enough) but the Application Form says that
they must have been made in the last 3 months.
2. Our Livret de famille complet
3. Our Marriage Certificate.

My questions are:

1. Do Lenders in France really require recent copies of certificates or will they accept originals?
2. Do the Certificates (Birth and Marriage) have to be accompanied by certified translations?
3. As we don't have a Livret de famille, what alternative can we provide?


Thank you Suzanne

Hi if you take your originals to your Mairie and get them to make copies and ask them to certify them as copies and date them that should be's what we did with ours.

We also got the translated copies certified too and same for the marriage certificate - we translated and got both the UK copy and french translation stamped, validated and certified by the Mairie.

We didn't provide a livret de famille as we don't have them - just all of the above. FYI - we did the translation ourselves and followed the exact format of the originals. But for certainty and if time is an issue then get an official translation done and then get the copies certified by the Mairie.

Best of luck - its a painful process but worth it in the end