Advice please

This is my first post so I'd better get on with it...
Pools, lovely swimmig pools....
I'm going to jump ship from Blighty and reside in tranquil France and only desire is a magnificent swimming pool.
Having trawled through thousands of properties online, with pools (10m x 5m)
I would like to know from you guys who really know what are the 'annual costs' of running such a pool from heating to chemicals and water charges etc...?
I guess installing your own pool would significantly outweigh the price of a property with or without....
( eg. property A no pool 90,000 euros, or B with 10 x 5 pool 170,000 euros.

I bow to the voices of experience....

Chris there are a lot of variables so €300 would be for an average season of just running the pump.

Heating without a good cover is going to hemorrhage money so adding a good cover is essential as that also saves water to.

A 10m x 5m would that be heated by solar? if so then running costs are low but at the cooler times of the year may not work so well. The space required for the solar array (collectors is another issue.

Using an air source heat pump will be efficient and will work in most weather conditions but costs electricity to run. for that size of pool you would need something in the region of 12kw now you don't provide 12kw you provide say 2.8kw of electricity and the system draws warm air in and heats the water and you get around 12kw of warm water out. Probably running for 10 hours to get the pool up to temperature over two days but then less to keep it there so heating at 3-4 euros per day then 1.5-2 euros per day to maintain that heat. All depending on how good the pool is. Insulated pool could easily half that and not require heating for most of the year.

Water prices vary by region, you may pay €1.25 per m3 but likewise you could pay the same again or double that in some regions for the water that is being taken away and treated even though in this case it isn't. That could mean €3.75 per m3

Providing there isn't a leak and with a good cover the little bit of evaporation would mean negligible top ups as the rain would also help.

Not at all wet behind the ears, we all started at the same point and it's cheaper to ask now than find out something to your cost later.

Hi John,

Many thanks for your reply.

As you might have guessed trawlling through online estate agents have so many properies on their books and

the decent homes have 10m x 5m pools and I'm thinking to install such a pool would be...???

I'm amazed to learn that to run a pool for a season is only €300, but is that to heat it....?

Please tell me more about the water charges as in filling and also maintaing the level.

Sorry if I appear to be 'wet behind the ears'..... But I am..!



Welcome Chris, you have picked a lot of variables to cover, not surprising when you are new to wanting a house with a pool. Heating a pool depends so much on the type of construction, the moisture content (eg ground water level) and if there is any shelter as even a small breeze across the surface will cool a pool considerably.

Chemicals once you get the hang of a pool are reasonably low if you manage it yourself and don't go too near the pool shops. Keeping it simple is also keeping it low cost, avoiding buying algaecides and other stuff you don't need and you can save a lot. Fortunately the Brico sheds (DIY stores) will allow you to buy good chlorine bleach for low money and hydrochloric acid to keep the pH level adjusted so costs are low. If you have a salt chlorinated pool you'll use a little more electricity but will save on going to buy chlorine so frequently. Every few years though the salt cell chamber will need renewing so that is something to bare in mind. €90 in chlorine bleach and €30 for hydrochloric acid to adjust the pH per season could be less.

Electricity wise on average about €300 per season. If you upgrade the system to run an Eco setup your electricity bill could be a lot less max €30 per season, maybe less again depending on the pools situation.

Pools from Desjoyeux, Magiline and Waterair to name 3 use an all in one filter unit (a monoblock) because these are badly designed your electricity bill would be nearer €600 per season as they try to make up for the poor water flow by utilising a bigger pump which naturally costs more to run

If you decide to have your own pool built you can at least build something with the 21st century design in mind, that would encompass an insulated floor and wall design, far better water flow characteristics and very low running costs with better filtration so being easier to manage.

Hope that helps.