Advice re internet purchase

I posted several months ago about a problem that I’m trying to help a friend with. She bought a sofa from Conforama back in March from their website. It cost over 400 Euros which she paid by credit card. A sofa was delivered a while later but it was the wrong sofa, she didn’t ask the men to take it back as she felt she would then have no money and no sofa and it was obviously an on the spot decision. After much communication with Conforamma which led nowhere we went to UFC in June who wrote to Conforama. We have had no reply from Conforama and the person from UFC who was dealing with the case is now on sick leave and apparently nobody else can handle it.

My friend is stuck with a hideous sofa and is out of pocket by 400+ Euros. I’d like to know what we can do now to resolve this ridiculous situation.

Many thanks in advance.