Advice required to cancel SFR Internet

I have decided, due to their rising cost and continued poor service to transfer from SFR internet to the Orange subsidiary Sosh.
Using SFR helpline has been a total waste of time and I am at a loss as to the required procedure.
I would be grateful for any useful suggestions

It will be as set out in your contract with SFR but this reference may also be helpful.


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I had a phone deal with SFR many years ago, just a way of dialing cheaper calls from the landline, but I felt I had been tricked into it and so, after seeing no advantage in continuing, sent them a recorded delivery of cancellation.

Nothing happened so I appealed to the bank who said they could do nothing other than close the account. I did leave it open and, after 3 months of unjustified deductions, finally achieved cancellation and, much later, refund.

Yesterday July 16, I completed online the application form for Sosh internet. Despite my house being
173 years old and having lived it this particular abode for 18 years the form rejected my address as unknown.
Further online conversation resulted in a reply, that for the sum of 79 euros they would add my address to their register.

If you are switching providers, tell your new provider that you would like to keep your old number.

To do this you request a RIO from your old provider (SFR) and give it to your new provider (Sosh).

Then you’ll have no need to cancel your SFR service as Sosh will do it for you.

The same applies to mobiles phone contracts. Much easier than having to send a Lettre Recommandée !


dialling 3179 apparently sends your PAC Code/ RIO to your phone automatically, so you don’t even have to speak to them

I can confirm that this does work.