Advice required

Evening all!

This is being posted on behalf of an SFN member who needs some advice and wishes to remain anonymous. All constructive, helpful input gratefully received. Thank you xx

She says: "This may sound ridiculous but I am concerned about my legal status should I return to France. Following a marital separation, I tried to support my child as a single parent on a part time income (for the record, including all the available support from the French government). Eventually I decided, for financial and other reasons, to move back to the UK. My concern is that I owe money to, for example EDF, for a few months’ taxe d’habitation and self-employment CFE and IFER. I have every intention of paying what I owe once the financial settlement is finalised. Prone to worrying as I am, I worry that I would be arrested the minute I set foot in France. At the same time, I suspect that that is far from the truth. Could someone kindly clarify the situation for me? Thanks in advance."

The thing to do on return to France would be to get in touch with an assistante sociale, talk to the CAF & then go for a commission de surendettement in order to make sure no extra charges are made & that repayments are set up at a realistic level over a specific length of time. If the person is up-front & actively looking to get sorted out but needs help then they should be very helpful. I'm afraid I can't be more specific as I know this is one of the things that happens but I don't know about it first-hand.

Thanks Vero. x