Advice UK state pension and double taxation

The UK are taxing my husband's new state pension by altering the tax code on his teachers' pension which is liable for tax in the UK regardless.

He's filled in a 'DT Individual' form from HM Revenue and Customs which has to be signed and stamped by French taxation authorities. However, the French tax authorities won't sign and date the form until the 2013 tax declaration is filed later this year and the UK authorities say they will accept no other evidence of tax residence in France. We've been paying tax in France now for 6 years.

Does anyone know if we're going to have to do this each year, (giving the UK government an interest-free loan)? The UK tax office have said that there is no other way around this but does anyone know of anyway we can do this more quickly as we could do without losing this money until the UK tax office decide to repay it.

Thank you in advance