Advise on insurance

Morning France :fr:
question re health insurance were going to need insurance when we finally get to france to live I know we need health insurance as not retired its soo expensive but we’ll have to bite the bullet post Brexit an all ! Well at least first year (to get a visa we also need proof of health insurance). I found that cigna is a less expensive one but it is only emergency and outpatients and emergency repatreation as required for visa however this does not cover GP do u need to add or hope u dont need to see GP keep cost down ? Thanks BTW for all the input so far really helpful

@fabien is your go to place for questions on health insurance and he has a wealth of experience in this field.
You can contact him either by clicking on the insurance link in the top banner or by clicking on his nic in this reply and sending a direct message to him.

Hi Karen,

Cigna is actually quite expensive (US company). You can have a look here as well => our plans have been battle tested so you should be fine :wink:



Thanks cigna was the lesser cost of those i looked at believe it or not !! Ill go onto that thanks