AE - 15% extra umbrella

Hello over a meal yesterday I was discussing the fact that if you run a business under AE then you can only act under that umbrella and that it was not possible to do anything else. I was informed that this was not the case and that there was an umbrella for you to do something outside of your designated act up to 15% of your earnings as the designated act, if you see what I mean.

Is this true?

Just get on and do it Patsie, as long as you declare your earnings no one's going to hassle you! There's a huge amount of misinformation out there, more often than not from CCI and URSSAF etc who still don't really know all the ins and outs of the system. Just check the list of jobs you can do as an AE first ;-)

I have no idea where they took their information from but when I registered as secretaire au domicil I was told that I could not also be a spinner and a weaver and sell my goods - I could not also give lessons to people who wanted to learn to spin and weave. This is rather annoying as I have looms and wool and the ability to teach and would like to pass on the knowledge I have for a small fee.

Not only can you have a secondary activity but there is not (as far as I am aware) a limitation. Where has your contact taken their information from?

You can be employed doing other work, you could change the field of what you're doing, or you could add to it (I'm enseignement supérieur and traduction so you can go for a couple of things) to be honest as long as you declare it no one's going to hassle you, unless of course it's not something that can be done under the AE scheme or if it comes under the sales type rather than services set up because of the different limits and % of turnover in cotisations.