AE CSG due but web site says "none expected"

I am hoping to avoid an "avis amiable" and trying to pay my and my wife's CSG to URSSAF for the first quarter this year. I usually pay on line, the last one being 5 Jan but when I go online to declare it says that no declarations are currently expected yet I would hve expcted to be able to declare 4 weeks ago. I have emailed them and they replied with a general "ring my 'advisor'" but I'm not sure my French is up to it yet.

Is anyone else experiencing problems declaring?

Whilst I am here, I believe my first Impôts declaration is due for a deadline of 19 May but I have nothing from them either and without my numbers etc. there's nothing I can do online

I can believe that, having been issued with no less than 4 NNIs as well as 2 Sirets (the latter to be expected because I moved departments but the NNIs were just crazy.

My problem isnt't logging in its that when I do so I can't declare because it says it isn't expecting anything. Because of the changing of departments I wasn't sure who to send the tippexed paper forms to URSSAF Poitou Charente, Poitiers or Limousin. I decided to send to Limoges since the last letter was from them albeit just to my wife. I'll await my avis amicable :-)

Well, there is one for the book. After a series of emails with URSSAF and Net-enterprises, plus a wasted phone call with the former, I have just had a message from the latter. They informed me that passwords are only valid for two years, so I suppose the last declaration was the last one of my two years, but nobody ever told me that. So, despite looking, asking and going down to the line, this morning they replied. I used the pro forma they gave me, entered a new password, logged in and paid.

I wonder how many other people have suffered the same preposterous fate. I have put up a message on one of the AE forums and another where people vent their spleen about URSSAF and hope it saves a few people from getting the fines that they so generously dole out when people make mistakes because of their maladministration. I suppose the validity of passwords is saved for those who are good at osmosis or something like that!

I just received a reply about my tax telling me to do it online but more usefully directing me to the actual form I need to complete at least i can do that. For URSSAF I dont have a form so I'll just put the necessary info in a letter with a cheque.

I too have contacted URSSAF. My email got back a response that was simply my enquiry rephrased. In other words, it was not an answer. So I called them and GOT THROUGH (!!), spoke to somebody who told me to contact Net-enterprises which I did. No response as yet and tomorrow should be the deadline. Now, worse or I don't know what, NE does not recognise my password so I am back at square one, like others below, and am simply giving up. I have declared online for a couple of years, usually well within good time. This quarter it appears to be a mess. If needs be I shall fight it out. However, the point is that there appear to be quite a few people I know with the same problem whereas my OH has stayed with paper and made her declaration already.

No. I meant for the Impôts Déclaration - income tax which is separate from 'Cotistations' which you pay to URSSAF.

Your first declaration, as Hilary correctly points out, needs to be on paper as you are not in the system. Furthermore, if there are any impôts owed, you will get a bill for the full amount and you cannot pay in monthly installments. This holds true if you have been getting refunds and then a change in circumstances mean you owe.

This country as the strangest tax system on the planet and makes the US IRS look competent.

Not sure what you mean since i've been paying trimestrielle on time for 18 months now. I guess I will have to submit a paper form but the last time I sent one was when in Poitou Charentes - anyone got the address for Haute Vienne URSSAF? or a url for me to find my nearest URSSAF "face"?

And of course this means to that you must pay any and all due in one shot.

You will not be able to set up monthly payments. So watch out.

I can't help with the CSG, but others have already advised.

As you say it is your "first Impôts declaration", you cannot do it online, as you are not yet known in the French tax system. You need to submit a declaration on paper to the tax office. Next year, you will receive the necessary information to be able to make an online declaration.

Hi Patrick

Like you, I tried earlier and had no luck but I have just managed to pay it this morning, so probably worth you logging in. Good luck!



I had no problems doing my declaration online via net-enterprise on April 10th; it was for Jan, Feb and March as due to changes, you could not do it until April 10th, so I just did each month separately.