AE Invoice Statement

(Teresa Ewart) #1

Can someone please point me in the direction of the correct wording (accents / spelling !) for the 'mandatory statement' you need to make on AE invoices regarding VAT?

(i can't explain why - you'll think i'm a super dummy)

x teresa

(Teresa Ewart) #2

that seems like a good 'cover all' Catharine!

why they could possibly give a hoot when you're NOT charging for this and no-one really cares about anything other than the bottom line... anyway.

thanks! x t

(Catharine Cellier-Smart) #3

Mine says

"Aux termes de l'article 293B du code générale des impôts"

(Teresa Ewart) #4

thanks J

(Julia Grange) #5

Simply this:

Non soumis à TVA

Article 293B du CGI

(this was given to me by Leggett Immo)

(Teresa Ewart) #6

thanks Emily and Heather...

i've got...

TVA non applicable, art. 293 B du CGI

but i think i should have

dispensé d'immatriculation en application de l'article L. 123-1-1 du

code de commerce ou dispensé d'immatriculation en application du V

de l'article 19 de la loi n° 96-603 du 5 juillet 1996 relative au

développement et à la promotion du commerce et de l'artisanat.

or maybe both!

(Heather Tombs) #7

Disagreement in the ranks here! :)

Mine say:

TVA non applicable, art. 293 B du CGI

although have just read:

TVA. Non applicable, art. 293 B du CGI.

Teresa, I think you really should explain why ;)