AE Late payment charge?

just had a letter from the RSI saying i've not paid the husbands ae bill

the cheque cleared through on the 11th may...

they've written the 10th may, and i got it today, and they're looking for the orginial amount plus 81 for a late payment... they've enclosed a new bill

and, yep, i know i'm not french and it's all confusing, and blah - but i'm the most organised, if conversationally challenged, person... and its not my fault if the poste is all stuffed because of the bank hols... the deal is to POST it by the 30 May - which i did...

they've given me 8 days to pay the new amount... that's friday

advice please!!!

x teresa

I am new to all these utility bills. I got my first bills for water and electric. They were mailed to the U.S. so they were already overdue when I got them. I mailed out a check immediately and also filled out forms so they could deduct future payments from my HSBC account. Is this ok? I read you all talking about Net Enterprises. What is that about? They will be mailing the statements directly to me in the U.S. rather than my home in Reuilly. I want hard copies until I feel comfortable using their websites.

there you go, the rsi are ok once they get you pigeon holed ;-)

We had a village post office where we used to live and the same thing - never had to queue, she'd take stuff down to the main post office for me too. the big ones need to be given a very wide berth!

Ha! the mighty RSI have realised the mistake and sent another letter deducting the 81 euros late charge and saying i now have nothing to pay and all is good... it was written on the same day... so we are all going round the merry-go-round!

(i do however love La Poste - i gave my lovely, lovely post lady a proper present at christmas and she never fails us... plus my little local post office is staffed by mr and mrs happy and charming, always empty... i still have memories of nearly crying in the queue in the uk)

don't get me started on RSI!

I agree with Tracy - pay up then if you can be bothered with months of writing and arguing try to claim the 81 euro back - if not - subscribe to Net-entreprises asap & let them be responsible for deducting it from Tonys' account rather than sending off a cheque. It seems that La Poste are permanently on strike at the moment so constantly disruptng our affairs, and to think I gave them a tip at Christmas!

Thanks for clearing that one up Tracy, I too got lots of letters from the rsi back in 2009 but a phone call each time confirmed (I told them) that I didn't need to pay anything and that everything is done through the urssaf. Yes, the two often don't communicate, my view is once i've paid, i've paid and it's up to them to sort it out between them, I've done my bit! I should have been with the cipav not the rsi but they refused to take AEs at the beginning of the scheme, they do now apparently. The bad news is that I'll be sticking with the rsi in my new venture too and having to pay all those up front cotisations as will my OH, she's got to leave the msa after years with them and everything working (not perfectly either but more or less working) to be thrown into the chaos of the rsi, well that's a bit mean in my case as once things were set up and sorted they've been perfect, yes, no hassles for the last couple of years once the dust settled, no more letters, no more false demands...! There is hope ;-)

oh, i like your style Tracy, keeping the envelopes is very crafty...

and at least i now know we weren't paying the rsi by mistake!

My husband is artisan and he only deals with the RSI, for Prof Lib, I deal with URSAAF but frequently receive stuff from RSI when the two of them haven't communicated!

I know how you feel Teresa, the RSI are a real pain in the butt with their letters - they normally arrive on a Saturday, so you stress all over the weekend they spend hours on a Monday morning trying to get through to them along with everyone else. Top Tip: Keep the envelope in which the letter arrived - often the date is several days later than the date on the letter!

(Tracy is always right!) Yes, you're right of course.

Erm, that has me puzzled. It's from the RSI - we get our quarterly bill from them, fill it in and and pay them directly... This is all for Tony of course - he's a Stonemason... It may be wrong but it does seem to be working... at least he has his Carte Vitale!

Hi Teresa

Tracy has already answered and I agree with all she says, Net-entreprise is the way to go, that way you'll never have the postal problem, I've had contracts blocked by strickers at our local depot - normal, it's France! Otherwise, do the paper version when you receive itand it send straight away, don't wait/gamble with La Poste, the odds are worse than the loto...! Just out of interest, is the letter from the rsi or the urssaf, I've never paid anything directly to the rsi, everything is meant to go through the urssaf (unless it's different for those of you who are artisans and not services), have they forgotten to pay your rsi contributions for you...?

Bonne chance

yep, thanks Tracy... all good advice. and apologies for the rant and excessive use of exclamation marks

it's the waste of time that had me annoyed... still... the sun's shining, i can see lambs a-gamboling, roses blooming and my new chickens roaming from the study window... and it's only 3 hours till chablis time

x t

Hi Teresa, the best thing to do is to pay the 81 euros straight away because if you don't they will still keep adding late payment charges to the late payment charge and so on as the two departments do not communicate with each other. Then write to them for a refund, enclosing a copy of the bank statement proving the cheques was cleared on the 11th, so they must have received it by the 10th.

As for La Poste, forget it, it is your responsibility to get the payment there on time, the date of posting means very little, the only date that counts is a LR avec AR, then you have proof they received it, not that you posted it on a certain date.

Best advice - sign up with Net Entreprises and they deduct it automatically from your account.