AE/ME Advice Please

Looking for advice for a young person who is looking to small business growing & selling plants.

Anything that could be useful please, registering, tax, bank a/c - anything that could make it as easy as possible. Realise that ‘easy’ is probably the wrong word for here but they are a bit unsure where to start.

Be gentle please.

Many thanks

I’m sure someone will chime in soon Beth. I know that our Mairie carries all sorts of flyers aimed at folk/youngsters looking for work… possibly they can help with info on where to go to get started on the straight and narrow for AE/ME…:thinking:

Does the young person already reside in France ?? and speak the language ??

Our Community of Communes has all sorts of projects aimed at young adults… and start-ups… perhaps that is another avenue of enquiry… :thinking:

In fact, growing and selling plants is classed as agricultural, and unfortunately agricultural activities are excluded from micro entreprise.
However there is a similar although slightly more complicated regime called micro-BA, which is the equivalent but specifically for agricultural activities, it is slightly more complicated but probably the simplest option. (although this looks a bit out of date)
also outlined on

The young person needs to start by getting in touch with his or her local branch of the MSA because you can’t set up any kind of land-based business without getting them involved. MSA is a bit of a law unto itself, very big on solidarity, very specific regulations and also very specific support for their members, Main website here Hopefully they will sort your friend out with all the advice they need.

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Hi Stella,

Many thanks, yes they are resident with good language skills. Thanks also Anna, I’ll pass the information on.

It all seems very complex when you are just starting out!


Well, the first thing to do is make contact with MSA, which hopefully won’t be too complex.
Once the young entrepreneur has started the dialogue, hopefully he or she will be guided what to do next. Normally the MSA contact person will look at the project, advise if it’s feasible in its present form or if there need to be a few tweaks, and once they feel the project is viable they will advise on how best to set it up etc.
Best of luck to them!