AEs in the news

From last night's news on TF1

The comments are interesting too...perhaps we should add some?

Latest on the AE cotisations from FEDAE "En l'état actuel des choses, l'alignement ne semblerait être qu'une augmentation de 3,1% des taux sur les cotisations sociales. Les modalités doivent être affinées avec Madame Sylvia Pinel, mais la FEDAE refuse cette proposition, qui n'a jamais été discutée, est discriminatoire vis à vis des autres professionnels indépendants, et cassera la rentabilité et la pérennité de nos structures." What the govt are planning at the mo is an increase of 3.1% but the FEDAE will be fighting this proposal which has never been discussed, is discriminatory compared to otherself-employed people and will destroy the profitability and durability of our businesses.

Nor me Amanda, it's all very depressing. I left a comment on TF1 in my best French!!

Finn has a far more detailed post running. Recommend looking at that, it is also here in the AE Group.

Things seem to be going well for me at the moment and my business is slowly building. I feel that this could be the end of it all.!! I just don't earn enough to be part of the other system !