After a business closes

I closed my business - micro entreprise - a couple of months ago. Work from UK had dried up and, without revenue, I just couldn't keep forking out cotisations to URSSAF and RSI/RAM. The URSSAF woman was very helpful, backdated the closure to 31/12/11, cancelled the bill for the final quarter and arranged for a partial refund of monies I had already paid during 2012.

I'm now wondering if my Carte Vitale is still valid? I'll be returning to UK shortly but it would be good to know I'm still covered during the interim.

And whether it's worth approaching RSI/RAM for a refund as well?

Does anybody have experiences to share?

Haven't notified RSI/RAM separately of closure as the helpful URSSAF lady said to leave it to her. I don't think I misunderstood as I took my half French and totally bilingual neighbour along for moral (and linguistic) support.

However, I was paying RSI/RAM cotisations throughout 2012, except for the final quarter which the URSSAF lady told me to ignore as she would deal with it. I have the email address for the equally-helpful RSI lady who visits the nearest town once per month... think I'll send her a quick note to see if they might do a refund as well!

What a shame Chrissie, so many people are in the same boat but it sounds as if you are working things out. Great news from URSSAF but I wouldn't count on RSI being so helpful without being too defeatist. RSI cotisations are due on monies earned in the previous year and depending on how long you have been trading you may well owe them money from previous years. The good news is that if URSSAF have declared that you closed down in 2011, you may have overpaid and be due a refund? Have you notified them that you have closed down and did you continue paying them in 2012?

I don't sell myself nearly as well as I sell clients! But yes, I have been beefing up my LinkedIn profile, getting back in contact etc and already have a queue of people who want to meet/catch up. Now I have to shake off my 'jeans and wellies rural France persona' and re-adopt the London look so I don't shock them too much! :)

I'm sure there are many opportunities "down south"...and obviously you must be skilled at selling yourself, because that is what you do....(I'm sure a few well placed emails to your old contacts and linkedin associates will give you the kick start you need...and you can start the process before you leave France...)...

Thanks Kwashie. Hope PR consultancy is one of those service sectors... :)

Thanks for that, Pam. Reassuring. I'll take my carte into the pharmacie for its 'mise a jour' and see what happens...

Hi Chrissie

Sorry to hear your business had to close... Best of luck in your new endeavours - many service sectors are doing well in the UK, so take heart!


Hi Chrissie, I am an auto entrepreneur, when i asked at the cpam about closing my business and going on my husbands carte vitale, they assured me that once i close my business, my carte vitale will still cover me & my daughter for 12 months. I would ask but i presume it's the same for micro. Hope that helps a bit.