Afternoon share

Right let's see : leaves swept up during the afternoon sun (minus 7 this morning!) ; cake out of the oven ; hachis parmentier ready & waiting (meat from the pot au feu made Monday). Can now get on with idling around here for a few, until apéro time :)

Heh :p

Seems we have basic skills in common here :)

Guess what I made yesterday and my daughters' groan that can be anticipated this evening... and tomorrow. A large chunk of bread each and away we go :-D

Ah, that's a nice bit of lunch, Jane. I have sarnies at lunchtime, relict of days of yore :)

Leisure? Don't be saying that too loudly around here, otherwise the missus will be getting the wrong idea and be brandishing the bricolage list :)

Hachis parmentier went down smoothly, now for the soupe made with the jus and légumes... best thing about pot au feu, there's a week's evening meals in it.

We are both feeling very slow this morning, but not as slow as our dog who had the 'op' yesterday. She normally sleeps outside in her kennel, but cannot get through the door because of the large plastic collar she is wearing.

Of course, she wants to get it off, so I had to sleep with my door open to hear if she was trying to do just that, which of course, she was, so a very poor night for me.

I am just about to make lunch, breast of lamb over root vegetables, very simple.

Man of leisure... I have dogs to walk, then the day begins and not one I am looking forward to. Our leaves are piling up around the door. They can wait. No other option. If I pop in here now and again then it is to get out of my work, ooof!