Agapanthus but in pink?

(Claudia Graf) #1
I have seen in neighbours garden similar flowers to the white and blue agapanthus but in bright pink, on long stems and with the actual flowers much bigger than an agapanthus. Anybody got an idea what they are?
Thank you


(Claudia Graf) #2

I had a look, but only yours are up for grabs, ie bowdenii.
I shall ask the neighbour. Thanks again.

(Sarah Beattie) #3

There should be lots of bulblets around the clumps - maybe they’d let you have some when they’ve died back, esp if you offered an exchange for something else! my mum gave me mine - they get a bit congested after a while. Failing that ,check ebay - it’s a great place to get cheap good unusual plants.

(Claudia Graf) #4

Thank you so much. It doesn’t seem like a lot of people know them. Yes they are beautiful. Let’s see whether I get some for next year, unless you also know how to propagate them?

(Sarah Beattie) #5

Hello - they are nerines - nerine flax to be precise. Beautiful aren’t they. I have nerine bowdenii here in the Gers and they seem to be happy.

(Claudia Graf) #6

I finally took a picture, does somebody know what these flowers are? Ta Claudia