Age is only a number - young or old

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“You are never too old to become younger.” (Mae West)

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Hearing the lyrics today… OH and I collapsed with laughter… “your dentures glow in the ultraviolet light”


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this lady is inspiring… and, as she says… it’s never too late, start doing what you love doing… NOW


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It’s about striking a balance between denial, which can be dangerous, and acting the curmudgeon, or adopting a pathetically childish caricature (“growing old disgracefully”) with purple leggings. too much make-up, and silly hats to add a dash of ‘gaiety’ (I’ve got nothing against hats, by the way, I favour a Sicilian beret).

None of these are grown-up, authentic, or of much appeal. They are sometimes tempting, but fail to deliver. Old age requires us to live it out as we have lived out its other seasons, with due respect for its manifestations, and not by trying to convince ourselves or others that it isn’t happening, or that it doesn’t have a unique meaning and purpose of its own.


(David Martin) #6

I’ve seen several photos of myself with other people taken in bars and clubs that have made me cringe. I always wondered if anybody else had noticed what a strange colour my front teeth were!


(stella wood) #7

For me… it is about doing what you feel comfortable with and… never… ever… saying … “Oh, I’m too old to do that” … if you really want to do it… (unless you are really incapable… and I’m not into funny clothes or wild make-up in any case.)

The kids enjoy doing hopscotch with me in the playground… I’m not as agile as I once was, but I can still do it and I still enjoy it…

I love encouraging the little ones to avoid the lines and land in the squares, as they jump and hop… takes practice, but they are getting there.

I do not recall ever seeing my Mum let alone my Nan (or any other adult) playing hopscotch with us kids… :thinking:


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You are right, Stella, the child in us is perennial and needs spontaneous expression when she raises her sweet (or truculent or indignant) voice, stamps her foot or skips about with a huge grin and jammy fingers.

I think you meet the description, minus the vinegar.


(stella wood) #9

Ha ha… Peter… yes, I have been known to stamp my foot… but not too heavily :wink::relaxed::relaxed:

and as for the jammy fingers… you’ve almost got me looking around the room for the hidden camera…

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(stella wood) #10

There’s quite a generation gap between these two… but they share the same enthusiasm and talent… :relaxed:


(Anne Marie Huet ) #11

Getting old is a privilege for some of us, who possibly thought we would not make it :laughing: haha. I too love to play and amuse myself with the little grand children. Yep totally agree I don’t remember any adults playing hop scotch with me :blush:
However in my grandchildren s school, there is no stone to play the game, you have to have an invisible stone !!! Oh dear please remind me how we all survived this dangerous game lol :laughing:

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(stella wood) #12

Fortunately, I am the “keeper of a few pebbles” … generally something in my pockets… but if necessary we use bits of twig… anything… let the imagination run wild… :grin:


(Bill Morgan) #13

I carry a pebble, a friends ‘toddler’ gave me years ago, in Les Sables de Olonne when I still lived on my boat :slightly_smiling_face:


(Jane Williamson) #14

I went to Munich last week and we went to the Treasury at the Residenz. My little grandson had a very special purple pebble and he gave it to one of the attendants and asked them if they could put into one of their special cases.
They took it, gave him a chocolate and put it in one of their large plant pots.
Humanity is still not totally dead.


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Lovely story… what a gal… :blush:

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(Timothy Cole) #16

Women have no staying power!

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(Ann Coe) #17

Watch out Tim, you might be invaded by some :scissors::scissors::scissors: weilding ladies soon :wink:

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(Jane Williamson) #18

You remind me of my mother in law who said that we did not understand her sense of humour.

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(Timothy Cole) #19

Don’t get me started on mother-in-laws.


(Timothy Cole) #20

I might take the threat seriously if they were ‘wielding’ scissors.:wink: