Age is only a number - young or old

(stella wood) #61

A totally different take on this song… wonderful… such emotion…

(stella wood) #62

and, of course, I remember seeing her live… during my youth… superb :relaxed:

(stella wood) #63

(Phillip Cox) #64

This is so sad. I met my wife in 1968 and we married in 1970. I Say a Little Prayer has always been my wife’s song for me…over all these years. My wife is also in terminal phase cancer so I send all my prayers to Aretha also. Every time the song or the music comes on the radio we just look at each other and smile…no words needed. Now, soon, they will both be gone. But the music and my love will live on.

(Phillip Cox) #65

amazing - a real LADY and the one and only Queen of Soul

(stella wood) #66

Sounds corny… but this works for me… “those we love never truly leave us”… :hugs: I keep telling myself that…:thinking:

Anyway, my thoughts are with you both… “make each moment count”, some say… and it seems to me that you two are doing just that… :relaxed:

(Barbara Deane) #67

Just so very emotional.
And I want to say that possibly Obama did not make America wealthier and greater but I think he gave it a lot of love.
You can see a tenderness in his face and the asperation for good;
Whatever Trump does he will never give this natural feeling. The tears, the involvement.
And Stella those we love never truly leave us we must keep telling ourselves that.

(Barbara Deane) #68

PS ….Carol King is a talented lady.

(Timothy Cole) #69

Obama meant well but acheived very little, not all his fault however history will judge his presidency as a missed opportunity for real change.

(Bill Morgan) #70

But certainly judge Him, much more kindly, than it will judge the present ??? Yuck!!!

(Timothy Cole) #71

There is a school of thought that Obama helped Trump win by promoting and backing his friend Hillary rather than the more electable Joe Biden.

(Bill Morgan) #72

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Like the Americans never landed on the Moon :rofl:

(Timothy Cole) #73

Hillary was hated by millions, even some Democrats voted Trump just to stop her becoming President.

(Bill Morgan) #74


(Timothy Cole) #75

True story Bill like it or not.

(stella wood) #76

This lady was winning Titles well into her 80’s :open_mouth::relaxed::relaxed:

(Barbara Deane) #77

It is hard for me to believe that people can admire Trump.
And they do.

(Bill Morgan) #78

The good news is, A Lot don’t, there is hope Babara. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Barbara Deane) #79

I have met very few who do bit when you come across those people you know and you realise that they look up to him because he has a lot of money and a beautiful wife it is scary!
Did I spell it correctly Tim?

(stella wood) #80

Yes, you did Barbara… it has only two letters so you had a 50/50 chance :wink::smile::smile:

My fingers seem to work back to front sometimes… :thinking::relaxed: and with my poor eyesight, I don’t always notice… :unamused: