Age is only a number - young or old

(Barbara Deane) #81

I know that Tim is ready to pounce.

And wondering if Carol will quantify her feelings of dislike for me?

(damian john ) #82

Having lived in the USA between 1993 and 2002 I was regularly exposed to the odious Hillary Clinton and was one of many millions who would have chosen absolutely anyone over her.

(Barbara Deane) #83

That may be part of the problem.
But the same problem is there in UK.

(stella wood) #84

(stella wood) #85

“A sense of humour keeps you young” … so there’s hope for some of us…:laughing::heart_eyes:

(stella wood) #86

A cautionary tale for any would-be buyers… “en viager”…

(stella wood) #87

(stella wood) #88

In my opinion… these youngsters showed guts and determination beyond their years :relaxed: and plan to use the money for “good causes”. :grinning::grinning:

(Mandy Davies) #89

Fabulous video. The food looks great as well.

(stella wood) #90

Golden Oldies…

René Bishop is 71… and still sounding great…

Mick and Henk… aka Bill and Peter… (perhaps) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #91

Wow… at the age of 95 he has broken the Scuba Diving World Record and hopes to do it again… even better… next year… What a guy !!

(Peter Goble) #92

Yayay! You nailed it, Stella ! On est Extra, Bill et Pete, Les Vioques en Rose ! :clap::guitar::notes::star::star:

(Bill Morgan) #93

You volunteering to to be Our Manager, Roady, Medic in case it’s all to much at our age, I have lots to cope with , having a Wife, 30ish years younger than me Matey :thinking: :grin:

(Peter Goble) #94

Great! I’m building a reputation and a fan-base (Stella :heart_eyes:) and you are already building in-group rivalry tension in true mega-star fashion, Marra ! BTW I’m the one wearing the full pink combo, you can “wear the trousers” (pink).

We’re going to need some gogo talent, reckon Misty would be solid for talent-spotting, marra ?:smirk:

T’as ce qu’il te faut comme ecsta et coke, marra ? :alien: :zipper_mouth_face:


(Bill Morgan) #95

Will have to ask my resident cryptologist, Babeth, to translate termorrer Marra :+1:.
She’s gone to bed,
Big zzzzzzzzzzzzz’sss. :grin:

(Peter Goble) #96

She’ll have my guts for garters, Bill :grimacing::scream::joy:

(Bill Morgan) #97

Count Yersel lucky laddie, yer no’ next door then, She’ a ‘Fierce Wee Lassie’ that! :roll_eyes:

(Peter Goble) #98


(Bill Morgan) #99


(Ann Coe) #100

Don’t drag me in Peter, I already play the drums , have a guitarist and a singer so maybe need you to form a fan club for our group :rofl:
Here is a photo of me with my old drum kit, I have now upgraded to a Pearl set in a fetching Burgundy colour !