Age is only a number - young or old

(Mandy Davies) #101

Oh wow. Hidden talents Ann. Now there’s an idea for a new thread on here.

(Chris Kite) #102

Banging the drum for the mature musician :wink:

(Carol Lokocki) #103

Crickey Barbara i did delate that message how ever l’y got back god only knows .si let us pass on and talk About other more interesting subjects shall we

(Ann Coe) #104

Like a fine wine Chris, I get better with age :rofl:

(Peter Goble) #105

Just don’t get corked :nauseated_face:

(Ann Coe) #106

I’m sure that I will be popped before then Peter :scream:

(Bill Morgan) #107


(Peter Goble) #108


(Chris Kite) #109

What made you decide to play drums? I’ve always fancied it but decided on guitar…I reckoned it would be slightly better for my tinnitus…on reflection though!

(Bill Morgan) #110

Maybe better for the neighbours too Chris, Babeth plays the piano, I enjoy listening to that :hugs:

(Ann Coe) #111

Hi Chris
Iv’e always liked tapping out a beat, be it on my knees, tabletops, steering wheel or whatever is handy.
My French partner plays guitar, I tried because I wanted to be a female David Gilmour, but my fingers aren’t strong enough to hold the chords ! :wink:
He suggested that I try the drums, I bought a cheap 2nd hand electric set but it didn’t really do it for me.
I used my ‘brocante’ money to buy a cheap ‘real drum kit’ and I was hooked. I have since ‘progressed’ to my current set that I love. The sound is great and goes well in the room that we use for music.
It’s 80M2 and very high and the acoustics are lovely. We have found lots of instrument on brocantes so have all sorts of wierd and wonderful things that friends can join in with.
We also have a wonderful singer, he is French but also sings in English so we have a large repetoire.
We are not professional by any means, just love music and enjoying ourselves;
For me also, if I have too much stress, or even anger, I can go along to my friends house and ‘bash alone’ to my hearts content !

(Ann Coe) #112

Ha ha Bill, no neighbours in earshot, maybe the odd cows and sheep but that’s it. We are really rural here, in fact the nearest permanent neighbour is our singer :wink:

(Chris Kite) #113

It’s a great hobby to have I think. Drums weren’t really an option in the uk as our rooms were really too small. 80m2 is a big, big room.
I use backing tracks and then record my own stuff which is easy with a guitar.
Stress and anger worked well for me too, made me more creative but since we’ve moved to France I’m too relaxed and it’s a year now since I picked a guitar up! Not sure my finger tips want to go through months of torture to get them calloused again.

(Ann Coe) #114

Currently rehearsing this amongst others … come on Chris how can you not pick up a guitar after hearing this fantastic song ? Go on, you know you want to, no pain, no gain :wink::guitar::guitar:

(Chris Kite) #115

Well, obviously I can play as well as Mr Gilmour :guitar:but my voice is a bit suspect and my videos aren’t quite as professional…

(Elisabeth Morgan) #116

I’m a Gilmour Fan :hugs:

(Bill Morgan) #117

Wonderful Ann, Brilliant :hugs:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #118

I’ve seen Pink Floyd Live in Montpellier, I think it was in 1993. Absolutly fabulous, will never ever forget it :hugs::heart_eyes:

(Bill Morgan) #119

My claim to fame, I saw the Beatles live :grin:

(barry Carleton) #120

i was ok at 78, my knees were a bit suspect so I had my left one done and it was perfect,
----strong pain free and flexible.
Whilst I was in the doc said my pee flow was a bit slow so they booked me in for prostate laser surgery, during which time I got deep vein thrombosis through being inactive for 8 days in my ward which was shut and i was not allowed out.
I now feel about 90 cannot walk unaided, got a stairlift, cannot work on my house/car/ garage or anything except my PC.
Age is just a number though.