Age is only a number - young or old

(Bill Morgan) #121

That’s a ‘bugger’ Barry!
Had a hip op, must say it’s important to ‘move’, if I sit about to long, I suffer for it, yes, “only a numer”, but they keep ‘addin up’, however, I hope keep ‘addin’ up’ for a good few years yet :grin:

(stella wood) #122

3 years of age…

(Elisabeth Morgan) #123

A bit of drum for you on that one :wink:

(Mark Robbins) #125

I’ve seen the Floyd live 22 times, first was at Knebworth 1975.

(Ann Coe) #126

Some of my links aren’t working, we cover this one too …

(Elisabeth Morgan) #127

I’m just a bit jalous Mark !!! The one I would have love to see too is Metallica, but never had the chance. My brother saw ACDC, and I am still very jalous too !

(Ann Coe) #128

I’m back in black ! Yeah ! :slight_smile:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #129

I’m thunderstuck !

(Bill Morgan) #130

Thought B’ might be, ‘just a bit’ green Mark, 22, wow!

(Mark Robbins) #131

Used to go to some epic concerts and festivals. Drove to Berlin in a Fiat Panda to see Roger Waters “Wall” concert. Berlin, a very decadent city, got into loads of trouble…:joy::joy::joy::joy:

(Ann Coe) #132

I am in awe when Roger, our French singer, sings this song. It has so many complicated changes musically and he follows it all in English, and does it so well too.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #133

What about Led Zeppelin Misty ?

(Ann Coe) #134

Have every album Babeth, however Stairway to heaven is one we play, although there are many that to my mind are better. It’s a case of trying to tie 3 amateurs with what we are capable of playing.
Lots of French songs too among our list :wink:

(Mark Robbins) #135

Saw them at Knebworth too, 1979. Had 3 weeks down at Cap d’Agde before :grin::grin::grin:, drove back the friday and overnight, got to bed the following tuesday.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #136

What kind of French songs ? I can’t imagine you’re too much into Claude François :wink:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #137

Hum, that was not far from Montpellier, but a bit earlier than 1993 :wink:

(Ann Coe) #138

Wow, never seen them live once !
I have a friend who was a student in Richmond and she got to see loads of concerts at cheapie prices!
She has an album with all the tickets and lots of photos too of the gigs she saw. Those were the days my friend !

(Mark Robbins) #139

Weren’t they just. Last big gig I went to was Oasis in Finsbury park, 2003. Just before france…

(David Martin) #140

Earls Court May 1975.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #141

There is a Festival near home, I’d love to go, Hellfest near Nantes, but I can’t deal with crowd anymore :sweat: