Age is only a number - young or old

(Ann Coe) #142

Know what you mean Babeth, I feel claustrophobic in a crowd !

(Elisabeth Morgan) #143

Such a pity, because music feels so different when it’s live. You can feel it all through your body :heart_eyes:, just magic !

(Chris Kite) #144

My first time too. You must be quite keen then…mind you I’ve seen EC 25 times

(Ann Coe) #145

You will wish you had not asked that question Babeth ! :scream:

San Francisco - Maxime le Forestier
Jusqu’à la ceinture - Greame Allright
La Ligne Holworth - Greame Allright
Le Jour de Clarté - Greame Allright
Céline - Hughes Aufray
Debout les Gars - Hughes Aufray
Santiano - Hughes Aufray
Il faut que je m’en aille -Greame Allright
Ca je ne l’ai jamais vu - Greame Allright
Laura - Johnny Halliday
SOS d’un Terrien en Détresse - Daniel Balavoine
Holidays - Michel Polnareff
Love Me Please,Love Me - Michel Polnareff
Education Sentimentale - Maxime le Forestier
Fontenay aux Roses - Maxime le Forestier
Marie, Pierre et Charlemagne - Maxime le Forestier
Les Copains d’Abord - Georges Brassens
Amsterdam - Jacques Brel
Amsterdam - Jacques Brel
Comme un Arbre - Maxime le Forestier
Ma Liberté de Penser - Florent Pagny
La Montagne - Jean Ferrat
Armstrong - Claude Nougaro
Ma Préférence - Julien Clerc
La Bohème - Charles Aznavour
Emmenez-Moi-Charles Aznavour
Mes Emmerdes- Charles Aznavour
Mistral Gagnant - Renaud
La Bombe Humaine - Téléphone
Un Autre Monde - Téléphone
Cendrillon - Téléphone
Tous les bateaux, tous les oiseaux - Michel Polnareff
Je t’Ai Manqué - Alain Bashung
Ca sert à quoi ? - Maxime le Forestier

(Mark Robbins) #146

Used to go to the RAH to see EC, there were usually cheap(er) tickets to be had at the door for up in the “gods”.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #147

Good selection Misty. I love Téléphone, Nougaro and Bashung.

(David Martin) #148

I had a great evening at this event with my nephew. Two things we noticed were how polite the ‘crowd’ was and how the beer was cheaper than in most local bars. The air guitar competition was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve seen in years.

(Timothy Cole) #149

I must live in a parallel universe, Hellfest is aptly named.:grinning:

(Nellie Moss ) #150

It wouldn’t be good for us all to like the same things

(Timothy Cole) #151

Totally agree Nellie, the music’s still c**p though.:grinning:

(David Martin) #152

A bit like holidays in the USA then?

(Timothy Cole) #153

Absolutely David, some people’s idea of hell.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #154

Heavy metal fans are normally very peacefull people. The festival near Nantes is well known to be a place you can go with your familly.

(Mandy Davies) #155

I like my music a bit more gentle. I love Barry Manilow and he’s currently touring in the UK. He’s on stage right now at the O2 in London and my friends are live streaming it on Facebook. I’m in heaven!!

(stella wood) #156

(Mandy Davies) #157

Will look at this later, he sings it to me every time you know!!!

I’m watching the man live right now!!!

(David Martin) #158

Why are you telling me that?

(Elisabeth Morgan) #159

I’m just trying to back you up in the fact you had a lovely time with your nephew and you found they were a polite crowd. Maybe I didn’t expressed myself correctly (I am a bit french you know…), but I’m all with you on this topic :+1:

(Helen Wright) #160

I can pretty much appreciate all music genres as it’s all frequencies and there isn’t much that I don’t like and only much that I prefer…I love the strings and an orchestra (especially playing Mozart…) and I love the didge…

I’m looking forwards to Christina and The Queens new album…and at the minute I’ve got carnival stuck in my head…x :slight_smile:

(David Martin) #161

No, this is Karnival!