Age related memory loss

Yesterday I realised that the large bright green ID disc on Jules’ collar had disappeared. Alarmed in case he got lost one day I checked to see the name of the company that supplied it back in 2012.

Then I went to a lot of trouble editing the wording and excluding our no longer used landline number. And I made it red thinking that if it was lost in grass it would be easier to see. Got to to the payment and they told me that I had been here before but did not leave a password, did I want to fuse the 2 accounts?

Finally done. half a dozen big red discs will arrive in a few days time at a cost of around £ 25. :grinning:
Great, half an hour later Jules was standing watching me and proudly displaying his large green disc. How did he do that, how could he find it and clip it back on?

Then I realised, to avoid the weaker split clip to be mistakenly connected to a lead, this collar has a large strong metal circle on top of his neck for the lead. The disc hangs discreetly down underneath his chin. :confused:

Got some new walking boots a few days ago. The last ones had given up the ghost and leaked like sieves. The new ones are dry but sometimes my feet might be a bit damp and drag up the insole when I take them off, so I remembered a previous pair of boots were prevented from doing that by dusting with talc just before going on, furthermore I remembered seeing that canister the other day and also that I had bought another one ready for when that ran out. So I must have 2. No, not a bloody sign of them, searched high and low so had to buy some more, in a bag this time. :roll_eyes:

The new boots came with a little tag saying, in several languages, ‘after cleaning them each time and, when dry, spray with waterproof spray for long life’. So I went to the place where I bought them and asked the man, showing him the tag, if he stocked this stuff. A slow shake of the head was the reply. Oh well I will have to look elsewhere, but as I was searching for the talc I found a can of the very stuff obviously bought years ago. In the place where the talc should be. :astonished:

A little pair of scissors are always in the bits and bobs drawer in the kitchen. I needed them, but they weren’t there. I searched everywhere with no luck. I know all about thinking what did you last use them for but I couldn’t remember that either. Had to do without. Later in the day while thinking of something else, there they were, I had opened a packet with them and left them alongside the packet, newly opened, contents intact. Must have been called away. :thinking:

The same drawer contains a small hand mirror, it has been there for 30 years. I have a small rash on the back of my knee, I have been treating it but wanted to have a look. The mirror is not there. Now what was I using it for last? :confused:


It’s all in the last place you look in, unless you’re married to a tidy person who groups items together using a system combining astrology the atomic weight of a grain of fairy dust on that particular day.

Not unlike how the goods are arranged in our local Géant.


I was going to comment… now what was it I was going to say?




I found that marrying a pharmacist compensated nicely for my absent mindedness. Not that she supplies me with brain stimulating substances but she is very focussed on everything she does unlike myself.

There are quite a few studies suggesting that vitamin supplements can help slow age related cognitive decline (a subject in which I have a distinct interest as I survey my 60’s fast approaching on the horizon with a fairly strong family history of dementia on my mother’s side of the family).

E.g. COcoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study for the Mind - Full Text View -

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