Aged Parent(2)

So much for the theory, now the practical.

Against much family opposition, I’ve been called everything from naive to a total crook only interested in stealing Mum’s money, but thats what happens when family get involved. Much preferred working, Y’e know my way or the highway.

We contacted all of the relative French services armed with passports, electricity bill and S1 from DWP in Newcastle, contrary to most perceptions on Franglais Fora, the officials bent over back wards to cut us as much slack as possible, a lot of documentation could only be completed by her in person i.e a French Bank account, which you need if you want to sign up on the mutuel, we completed as much of the paperwork as possible waiting only Mum’s signature and they supplied a RIB so that we could obtain a carte Vital ( no problem supply the rest of the documents when you can)so that the aides a domicile could be paid so that we could sign up with a doctor ( I’m off on les conges but see Maman when I get back to see what else she need)so that we could get an ordanance for the aides a domicile, the Lit medicalisee, the verticalisateur…The Pharmacie were magic even delivered bits on a Sunday!!!

Eventually trailed to the UK to load the stuff that Mum wanted in her Room.

A large double wardrobe, tallboy, dressing/card table mirrors etc etc, in all about 1/3rd of a lwb transit full. I had previously used A1 European couriers (Ray and Julie) and luckily they had a part load going to near here, if I could be flexible with my dates? Well most people would not know that theres a streak of meanness in me but if its going to save five bob I can be flexible. Lived up to every promise he made and delivered this very delicate antique furniture without a scratch.

One month later we’re back on the plane at Bergerac after trying a cheepie Ryan-air from Limoges, yes it was cheaper but I got a headache after a full flight of non stop sales promos and such Cr*p put me off flying with them again.

Got good car hire rates by using a price comparison site …2 days with an a/c ford Focus for £42 incl insurance!!! We loaded up all her other stuff that came to 6 bags TG I’d pre booked, used the scales in the care home to check weights and then embarrassed my little brother by having to rearrange the load when the scales at Flybe in Exeter didn’t agree…I didn’t care less whats the matter with people less than 50?

Have to say that the Airline did a first class job with loading and unloading Mum, She cannot walk and is wheel chair bound, but in Exeter and au Bergerac two Husky Firemen/Pompiers handled Mum with a great deal of kindness and good Humour.

to be Continued

Good Luck Roger!

Hope that the next steps in this “journey” are going well and that you are “surviving” a difficult transition. Hope also that your Mum has settled well here.