Friday the 13th i went to Hyper U in Aizenay and somewhere between doing the food shop and returing to my car i lost my wallet. Now stupidly i had everything in there, my carte vitale, carte grise for the car and a motorbike, my passport and my driving licence hence the discussion title aghhhh

I have reported it lost/stolen and before you ask i have asked at the supermarket several times if my wallet has been handed in and am waiting for a number off the police repoting it lost/stolen. I know i will have to pay for the carte grise replacent's and have been filling in new forms for carte vitale. For a replacement driving licence, because i no longer live in the UK, the DVLA won't replace it, any ideas on what to do on this issue? The next thing is my passport doe's anyone know if i can have it replaced and sent to your home or do you have to visit an English consulate to get the new one and also do you have to get countersignatures and all that again? Can't really afford a trip to Paris to sort this out any advice is truly welcomed.

Call the DVLA and explain, they will give you a certificate of entitlement which you can then take to the prefecture who may issue a French licence. My husband lost his, then found it again. On calling the DVLA last month, about 2 years since I reported it lost, my husband found out that all though I had reported it lost, it was never cancelled, still listed as existing.

Sorry to hear of you bad fortune Andrew.

The Passport will still need countersignatures, I know this as I have just replaced mine!!. As far as your Driving Licence is concerned. Do you have a photocopy of your old one ??, have you ever used it as a form of ID to buy something, or used it with your Passport as ID in your Maire, Prefecture, etc ??.

I am not saying that it will get you a new Licence straight away, but it will give DVLA your Licence No to work with. I hope it was a Picture Licence !!!.

Good luck.