Agirc et Arrco

Hi All,

Well, filled in all the forms for AE online and after several further emails and a couple of letters, the Chambre de Mettiers in Agen sent me a letter with my Siret number etc. btw what is the difference between Siret and Siren please?

Anyway, it did not take too long and I now seem to be in the system whitch is great. However, last night I had a call from a chap at AG2 Créateurs and today a letter from Humanis, both asking for a declaration regarding numbers of employees it would seem. I made it clear on my AE form that it was just me ( and hopefully my wife as a beneficiary as it were even though she is not involved in the business directly).

I have read on the AE posts that I am likely to receive rogue emails etc and wonder whether this is the situation here.

Looking forward to some sound advice!

Thanks very much.


You are welcome. Can we call you Roly then? ;-) Keep us posted. I am not even a newbie; I have been an autowotsit for nearly 5 years now...and I tend to shut down my brain when it comes to official is great when a "newbie" asks a question, because I then realise that there is something I should have done years ago and then get on the case ;-)

Thanks Shelley and thank you too Andrew.

Filled in the form and will send off today. Be in touch again no doubt when the next issue arises!


"guru" - now my head's swelling!

Rolland - you should sign up to one of them, it won't affect you but it is a requirement ;-)

Andrew is the guru for all things AE. I do remember signing up with reunica but just to state that I was a one woman entreprise. They did send more missives /questionnaires afterwards but I then sent an abrupt reply to remind them that I had already answered their questions and would not be replying to any further correspondence unless my circumstances changed. Haven't been pestered by them or anyone else since and as Andrew says, there is nothing to pay them if you remain a solo concern.

Thanks Shelley,Rachel and Andrew. Very helpful. Andrew, am I right in thinking that I ought just to sign up with one organisation to comply then, or can I ignore it as, like you, I have no intention of employing someone.

Reassuring to know that I can ask the newbie questions here!


Hi Roland

The siren identifies your business, the siret goes slightly further - when you change address the siret changes but not the siren.

As for choosing an assurance regarding employees - welcome to doing business in France, yes you're meant to do it in the event that you might, one day, employ people. I was with Réunica for the four years I was an AE but never paid a penny, didn't have to as it was just me. Yes there are plenty of traps to look out for once you're signed up - just read the letters carefully or ask here ;-)

Bon dimanche !

Hi Roland, not sure either about siren, siret, but just found this website, which seems to explain, but I haven't got the will to read it on a Sunday morning :)

Also, I personally only have dealings with the RSI - to whom I pay my social charges - and "les impots", obviously, and that's it, no one else.

I did get lots of letters at the beginning from various companies, and panicked slightly, but as Shelley says - you can ignore them; unless, I think, you want to have a top up retirement policy, but maybe someone can put me/you right on that :)

Hi Roland,

Can't help with the Siren /Siret thing - I'm only familiar with the Siret no.

As for the letters (Humanis et al) -yep you can ignore them - they are after business. If you are a one man band you need only worry about the auto entrepreneur register site, net entreprises for the declarations and cotisations and URSAFF. The rest are, at best, optional extras. Good luck, it does get easier after the firsy raft of vultures leave the scene!