Aid for loss of earnings in France during Covid pandemic

has anyone actually received any money yet ?

Yes, if you get the claim in as soon as the applications open you should get paid very quickly.

thanks Timothy. My claim is in but i just want ed to hear from somebody who has actually recieved the money. Nice to know that you have.

I didn’t make a claim, but got my 1500€ regardless. I assume my accountant fixed it.

can you give him my name please… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It’ll cost ya!

the payments I have received via the aid for loss of earnings scheme seem to be a bit random.
At the start is was 1500€ for a loss of 70% of earnings, then at some point that seemed to change to 50%, then again around june, it seem that the began to take into account any pensions received. I have two questions; does anyone know how to calculate the aid to be received and does anyone know if it is possible to search back on the impots site into the previous claims I have made?
regards to all

That sounds about right…they reduced the percentage and then considered overall income.

(We were deemed ineligible because we got pensions, so the income was not our main income…)

we have received payments but they deducted a pension.

I receive a pension but I still got a 6500€+ payout last month.

the max is 1500 euros per month so how did you get 6500

Because I/we are a business, and it was 6500+ just shy of 6600€

So not the fonds de solidarité then? As that limited to 1500/month.

It most definitely is the fonds de solidarité. The upper limit is 10,000€. We are in secteur S1 bis, hence our payout. Some people in this place are un/misinformed.
Suggested reading:

Jane as an operator of gîtes you would probably fall into the Liste des entreprises du secteur S1 second line Hébergement touristique et autre hébergement de courte durée

If any one cannot understand the rules, perhaps speak to your accountant.

Been there, done that and not got the biscuit.

Since we didn’t get any compensation for period up to June we haven’t kept up with changes as after that we were fine. (Just preparing accounts now and July to Dec better than average. )

No need to be snippy, I politely asking a question.

  • or pose the question HERE Geoff.
    that is what the forum is for n’est pas?