Air Traffic Controllers Strike - Greve Controle Aerien

There's a new strike been announced for Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd July by French ATC. I'm not happy as other half is due to fly back from Gatwick on 2nd ready to drive us all over to UK for the summer holidays. Anyone else affected?

So not only the forthcoming French ATC strikes but also the tossers blocking the Channel Tunnel. I can only hope that the majority of the strikers will have their own sacred Summer holidays (or business trips, funerals, weddings, family reunions, hospital visits etc) well and truly ruined as well.....

Thanks, Steve

That is excellent news for some of us

Darren has booked Weds too. Fingers crossed all ok Steve

Acc France-Info, strike called for Tues/Weds is off but they have maintained the one called for Thurs/Fri

Suzanne- I sent you a PM


Thanks Jonathan, just finished my Sunday off for me.......... ;-)

There are in fact potentially two different strikes by different air traffic control unions. The first announced was for 3rd and 4th by the biggest union but now there has been another announcement of a strike by two different unions on 1st and 2nd. Easyjet's website makes some mention of this and here is a link with more information

We are meant to be flying from Toulouse to Frankfurt on Wednesday so I was relaxed about the first strike but the second (to be announced - first in time) may affect us. What no one knows is what impact the strikes will have and if the airlines are requested to reduce their flights which ones will go and which will be cancelled.

I PHONED Bordeaux airport and they said that there would be an air traffic control strike on

2/3rd.... He spoke English so I think that I got it right. Unfortunately.

I chickened out and booked Weds as I don't want to miss the Beer Festival !

I read now extended to 4th July ...hopeless for travel every summer !! Grrrrrr.

Anyone got any news ? Am looking to go back next week and would have preferred going on Friday but should I risk it or go on Weds instead ?

We are supposed to fly from Mulhouse to Nice on the 3rd. Our insurance have told us they don’t cover strikes. In addition to possibly losing our flights, we will waste a lot of time driving, incur additional costs and probably also forfeit the hotel accommodation for that night as we won’t arrive on time if we drive…


rang Caen airport - they don't think the controller will be on strike as he knows everybody so I asked them to please tell how difficult it is to get a table in Claridge's...I think they will be flying. It's mainly the big airports and as someone before said the French don't 'do' big disruptive like the unions can in UK - I very clearly remember 3 day week, miners strike etc.

Calais is a problem & now I believe it's starting in Cherbourg as volunteers are being sought to help with feeding etc.

Are you perhaps a born pessimist? Each of the things is short, it is usually possible to get round them albeit often with a one day delay. Do you not remember the good old transport strikes in the UK when rail and buses went on the same days? There were far less cars back then as well, but somehow people managed to get around, to work and so on. My father seemed to get right across London and back well enough. Sure, it affected a few people seriously as well. However, the UK as was has much to teach the French about truly disruptive strikes.

Looking back over the recent political history of the UK, during the premiership of a certain female PM, industrial action and especially ASLEF increased again. Apart from rising from the dead, that is not a ghost people really want to raise. Is it?

Really? In the words of John McEnroe…

told you the trains would follow .... bring back Maggie ?

Noticed this thread was dated two days ago, however, nothing (as yet?) on RyanAir

Flying Limoges to Southampton on 2nd....maybe they will have sorted it by then!