Airbnb income 2019 - allowable deductions?

I was letting an Airbnb in 2019. I have seen an airbnb site which says for my level of income (pretty small) I am entitled to 50% deduction for allowable expenses. My question is - do I deduct this amount on the tax form or do I enter the whole income so the impots people can deduct it themselves? The site does not make this clear.

You get a deduction if you are a LMNP (louer en meublé non-professional) and declare under the regime micro-bic. Do you have a Siret number? And are you registered with your Marie and pay Taxe de séjour? As of last year AirBnB now have to declare to the fisc, so it is more important to follow the rules as more easily picked up.

Here is basic info on this, and you declare everything it is tax man who applies the abattment.

But do your sums to check you wouldn’t be better off declaring under regime réel simplifié - although unlikely if you only have a small income.

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Thanks Jane. Very helpful.