Airbus issues warning about the 'madness' coming from Brexiteers


The last two paragraphs sum up the reason I dread reading articles like this - the bile that comes from the Government in response is just so nauseating. When WILL they wake up and understand the reality???

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The Senior Vice President of Airbus was on the Andrew Marr this morning a d she said much the same thing.
It will not be immediate but they already manufacture in other countries.

On order to carry a label stating “Made in the EU”, a certain proportion of the product must originate from the EU. Same for “Made in England/Great Britain/the United Kingdom”, where a minimum proportion must come from the declared place.
This should not be a surprise to a government.
There are some large components made for Airbus in the UK. Transporting them is very expensive too. One of the reasons cited for abandoning the A380 project is the cost of moving components from their origin to Toulouse for assembly.
With the UK out of the EU Airbus will be able to save on their costs and keep the “Made in the EU” label by switching manufacturing to a more convenient location.
Were this the other way around, the UK government would be saying that it was an obvious choice and was in everyone’s best interest. Although the new site would probably be in Malaysia (, great news for British jobs eh, Mr Dyson? Sorry, cheap jibe there.